Casa de Pita ~ Gallery


Room name “Los Generales”

This beautiful room has kink size, living room, balcony, TV (cable) and private bathroom

WI-FI Free


Room Name “Tapanco de Paty”

This apartment has full size bed, living room, kitchen and private bathroom (mezzanine style), TV Color (Cable),

WI-FI Free


Room Name “Cuarto de Nando”

This room has King Size bed,  balcony (overlooking the street) and private bathroom. WI-FI Free

Room Name “Tapanco de Cuca

2nd floor (Mezzanine)

This room has twin bedrooms, TV Color (Cable).

WI-FI Free


1st floor

This room has King Size bed, dressing table, bathroom, TV Color (Cable).

WI-FI Free


Shower & WC in “Tapanco de Cuca

Basin in “Tapanco de Cuca”

Room Name“Arcos A”

This room has full size bed & single bed (bunk bed), kitchen, private bathroom, balcony (overlooking the street). This apartment is possible to expand and has two more rooms - Arcos B room: king size bet & Cervantina room: 3 single beds with a shared bathroom (between Arcos B room & Cervantina room).

WI-FI Free

Room name "Arcos B"

WI-FI Free


Room name "Cervantina"

WI-FI Free


Room Name“Mexiamora 6”

This apartment has a litter , kitchen and private bathroom, TV Color (Cable), independent access door

WI-FI Free


Room Name“Los Girasoles”

This loft has a full size bed, private bathroom, TV Color (Cable), near to Pits's kitchen

WI-FI Free

Pitas’ Terrace

This is the terrace in Casa de Pita, it is a very famous place between the guests, this is the best place to see the sunset, read a good book and laid back.

WI-FI Free